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We design and make buildings, furniture and objects. Our approach sees us involved throughout all stages from design through to construction. The work process evolves through the initial collaboration of Craig Bamford as architect and maker and artist Louise Sayarer, and depending on the scale of the project our team grows to incorporate a range of craftsmen. This approach makes the outcomes integrate with the same qualities of the original design intention.
This way of working initiated through close collaboration with our clients makes each piece, building or object, express the rich qualities of the hand made. Our studio and workshop is based in London.
SASAWorks projects have been featured in the World Of Interiors, at Open House London, and exhibited at TENT London.

Architect Director and Maker:
Craig Bamford

Craig established SASAWorks in 2009 as a natural progression from two decades of making that explored materials through metal work, carpentry, artistry and several self-build projects. Additionally Craig runs workshops and delivers lectures with architecture students in making processes.
Craig manages and directs SASAWorks small team of various collaborators and works on projects as architect, maker and construction manager.

Louise Isik Sayarer
Louise works on the design and process stages of SASA projects.
She has studied both in arts and environmental science and combines these investigations on nature and materials into a holistic approach to architecture. She is particularly interested in how the use and flow of certain materials and proportions initiate buildings, environments and objects to become both sensuous and calm. As part of her research into this approach to architecture she established F O U R T H L A N D , a wider collective.